A premium pad brand with excellent absorption and deodorizing capabilities.

Puppy has better taste on good things. Trusted and high-quality pads. A must-have for puppy potty life! For a better pet life, make every day a 'Prodoggie' day.


Nosmell pad

Complete absorption in just 3 seconds! Premium SAP Made with 100% natural pulp No fluorescent whitening agents
Available in small, medium, and large sizes

Aroma pad

Power absorption layer designed with 5 levels Premium SAP that absorbs instantly upon contact
Available in small and large sizes

Training pad

35% increase compared to regular standard size! Premium natural pulp
Available in medium and large sizes

Perfection pad

7L's super strong suction power non-slip Deodorizing effect with Swedish natural bamboo charcoal
Available in small, large and super-large sizes

Pokets pet towel

Instant absorption with high-density and heavy yarn content Pocket that can be wiped with hands No worries about ticks with ultrafine fabric
Available in yellow and green colors

Nosmell spray

99.9% removal of various harmful bacteria Using a mist spray for a wider range No artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, or surfactants used

One-touch large-sized toilet seat

Unisex one-touch toilet training pad Non-slip rubber mat Suitable for medium/ large dogs and families with multiple pets.
Available in blue and grey colors

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