MARS ALCOSO crafted by German artisans

For several hundred years, the brand 'MARS ALCOSO', specializing in pet grooming, has been born from the hands of artisans with production know-how. Please do not compare it with any other product. It is a world-class unique product with delicate and excellent functionality! Take care of your precious furry friends with MARS ALCOSO.


Coatking Mini

10B 20B


10B 30B ETC


Matt & Hard Sleeker

Smoothe tangled hair without pain

Natural Boar Bristle Brush

From tiny dust to impurities deep in the skin, using natural wild boar bristle


Flush Comb & Curve

Take care of precious fur by brushing it to prevent from being torn or falling out.

Tail Comb Curve

Essential item for small pets or grooming their tails.

Half Moon Comb

Designed with a curved shape, paying attention to even the smallest details.


Magic scissors

With just one magic scissors, you can achieve two grooming effects - trimming and lengthening!

Short straight scissors / Straight scissors

Soft Fur Care for Your One and Only companion pet.

Double-edged thinning shears

From trimming before grooming to natural hair control after grooming, it's perfect!

Short Curve Scissors / Curve Scissors

Essential items for grooming for a teddy bear cut.

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