Human-grade, top-quality pet food designed by a specialized veterinarian in the United States.

Dr. Gary's "food therapy" meets the nutritional guidelines set by AAFCO and is produced slowly at low temperatures to preserve the nutrients and digestibility of the ingredients. Best Breed has a philosophy of setting a half-shorter shelf life than regular pet food to provide nutritionally complete ones, with maximum freshness.
EFIL is the official exclusive distributor of Best Breed


Holistic puppy dog diet

Balanced calcium, phosphorus and appropriate protein Grade 1 ingredient safe even for human consumption
Capacity : 0.91kg, 1.81kg

Holistic all breed dog diet

High quality protein from chicken, Atlantic salmon and white fleshed fish
Capacity : 0.91kg, 1.81kg

Holistic senior dog diet

Optimal nutrition design for seniors
Capacity : 0.91kg, 1.81kg

Grain-free farmer's recipe

Give full energy that won't tire you out all day long
Capacity : 1.8kg, 5.9kg

Countryside Recipe

Customized diet that considers both taste and nutrition
용량 : 1.8kg

Cold Water Recipe

Contains DHA, EPA, Linoleic Acid, Omega-3 Fatty Acids
용량 : 1.8kg, 5.9kg

Toy Small Breed Recipe

Small kibbles for small dogs and puppies
Capacity : 1.8kg

Poodle dog diet

Food therapy for obtaining healthy skin
Capacity : 1.8kg, 5.4kg

Grain-free Ocean Recipe

High-quality protein from Atlantic salmon and white flesh fish
Capacity : 1.8kg, 5.9kg


Holistic Cat Diet

Escape from the worrying about maintaining body temperature and hairball
Capacity : 1.8kg, 5.4kg

Grain-Free Cat Diet

Grains such as nutritious soybeans and red lentils
Capacity : 1.36kg, 2.72g

Holistic Kitten Diet

Using dried kelp with oatmeal and high dietary fiber content for digestion
Capacity : 1.8kg

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