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EFIL analyzes the life information data of pets and their owners as big data and provides high-quality information through "MNBG" to create a world where pets live healthier lives. You can find everything you need for pet life such as food, parenting tips, and shopping in EFIL's services.


MNBG is a customized recommendation service for pets, and it is an essential app for pet parenting.

 MN Market

MN Market is a premium brand shopping mall for pet owners and their pets who pursue a better pet life.



Let's have an everyday adventure together with high-protein, low-allergen insect feed that only contains natural ingredients including insects, for the health of the earth and healthy animals.


Meet the nutrition of a right diet made by "hand-crafting" from livestock and cultivation to produce using the original recipe of ingredients.

Best Breed

Give your pet a healthy day with Dr. Gary's designed food therapy, a nutritionally perfect customized diet.


Made for happy cats when digging and rolling in the sand. We create the happiest time for your cats.


You can be with Prodoggie for better pet life, perfect toilet training and growing habits of puppies perfectly.

Mars Alcoso

With centuries of German know-how and craftsmanship, we help you manage your precious pets perfectly.

Egg Full

We have selected essential products for pets. Eggpul fills in the confidence of the puppies and the nurturing of the owners.


We provide customized rest for pets who take more than 12 hours of rest a day. Meet the most comfortable space for all dream moments.


We take responsibility for happy and safe outings with your puppies who always want to go out with you. Enjoy your free daily life with Wegono.

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Try selling the highest quality products introduced by MNBG in your store as well.

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